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Makeup lessons for Teenagers in Surrey

Teenage makeup lessons with Surrey Makeup Artist Victoria Chainey

Worried your teenager is wearing a "mask" of makeup?

Over contouring lovely features away?

Making teenage skin worse by wearing too much foundation?

Trying to copy their favourite celebrity/influencer rather than knowing what suits them?

Sound familiar?

Of course there is the worry of them being sent home from school with too much makeup on. Let me tell you, as a teenager that used to go to school with a shed load of make up on, that is just plain annoying after all that effort. But seriously... A lot of teenagers just want to cover any skin issues going on and then do a full face of make up they don’t need. Then take it all off at night with face wipes  I could go on.... I offer 1-1 make up lessons or group workshops with skin advice and makeup techniques tailored for their skin tone, face shape, eye shape etc. I will also teach them very subtle ways of covering any skin issues for school that their teachers won’t even know; in fact most schools allow “subtle makeup” now so let’s make sure they do it right. 

I will fill out a face chart with all my recommendations (techniques and products) for them to take away. On that note I will be mindful to budgets when recommending products. 

You can find more information on these and all my lessons/workshops on my website

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