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1-1 bespoke make up lesson for teenagers

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Makeup lessons for teenagers with Surrey Makeup Artist

Victoria Chainey

  •  Worried your teenager is wearing a "mask" of  makeup?

  •   Over contouring lovely features away?

  • Making teenage skin worse by wearing too much foundation?

  • Trying to copy their favourite celebrity/influencer rather than knowing what suits them?

  •  Sound familiar?


Of course there is the worry of them being sent home from school with too much makeup on. Let me tell you, as a teenager that used to go to school with a shed load of make up on, that is just plain annoying after all that effort. But seriously... A lot of teenagers just want to cover any skin issues going on and then do a full face of make up they don’t need. Then take it all off at night with face wipes  I could go on.... I offer 1-1 make up lessons or group workshops with skin advice and makeup techniques tailored for their skin tone, face shape, eye shape etc. I will also teach them very subtle ways of covering any skin issues for school that their teachers won’t even know; in fact most schools allow “subtle makeup” now so let’s make sure they do it right. 

I will fill out a face chart with all my recommendations (techniques and products) for them to take away. On that note I will be mindful to budgets when recommending products. 

1-1  teenage lesson  - £65

Bring a friend (two people) - £85 shared block price

Teenage workshops (3-6 people)- £40 each

Vouchers can be issued as presents.

If you would like any photographs taken after the lesson for a keepsake, I work with Jo at Captive photo and can offer a package for this. Please ask.

"Highly recommend Vicky - she is fantastic with teenage girls, giving great skincare advice and teaching them how to apply make-up WELL! Fabulous tips and recommendations on products which Tess still uses - even I learnt some good stuff too ;) - Jo Hughes

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