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Bridal makeup for over 40s

Updated: Jan 11

Over 40s Bridal makeup in Surrey

  • Are you getting married and are in your 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond?

  • Feeling unsure how to approach your bridal makeup?

By 40 we know who we are, what we like, what suits us and what we don’t like - hallelujah!!!! Even though brides in their 40s,50s, 60s and 70s don’t say it out I still hear a hint of surrender before they even start to tell me about their weddings … like they will just settle for any bridal makeup or there are fewer options  because they aren’t in their 20s or 30s.

All brides no matter what age should look like the best version of themselves, as we get older we just get better at being ourselves - this should be reflected in our makeup look too. Obviously as the skin ages there are certain products or techniques we should avoid, but products have come so far and there are so many now, the options should be endless not limited…


You know the drill… our collagen slows, oestrogen falls  (not fair I know! - I’m with you people!)  so you will need to work a little harder in the months running up to your wedding to get your skin in preparation. That being said don’t do anything drastic the week before your big day - I say that to all my brides! Do NOT feel the NEED  for injections, fillers etc if you have not gone that route before. If you do not feel that is your face journey, then please do not start before your big day, because you feel you should - be you, that's who your partner is marrying!

Look for the following ingredients in skincare to get your skin in order:

  • Hyaluronic acid to plump and moisturise: La Roche Posay, The Ordinary, Inkylist, Beauty Pie.

  • Vitamin C will help with radiance: Paula's Choice, La Roche Posay, Beauty Pie.

  • Glycolic acid to exfoliate: Pixi Beauty Glow toner is a good place to start, Beauty Pie (10%), Paulas' Choice or REN.

  • Retinol for everyone over 40 (unless you skin is super sensitive) will help the skin turnover quicker and help with fine lines and sun damage:

Water - Obviously the drinking at least eight cups of water rule applies  over 40 - sorry! Makeup just goes on better hydrated skin.


Prime your skin with something that will blur lines, moisturise and give you a pearly glow.

  • MAC strobe cream and Charlotte Tilbury magic cream are great options.

  • Beauty Pie Japanfusion cream and/or oilier are fantastic if haven’t had time for much preparation and your skin needs a quick fix.  

  • If you have spider veins, rosacea or are prone to redness due to flushes, Rosalique anti redness miracle formula is fantastic but rub well in.

Choose a lighter foundation for all over your skin.

  • Giorgio Armani luminous silk as a beautiful satin finish as if perfect for skins over 40s. It light diffuses any flaws too.

  • Nars light reflecting foundation is a little more dewy and is perfect for skins with sun damage.

  • If your skin does not need too much work then opt for a face and body paint - MAC is still in my opinion the best out there!

  • If you want minimal makeup try a serum based foundation like Ilia or Clarins.

Concealers are your best friend! There are some bloody good ones out there now! More ofter than not there are only areas that need heavy coverage so use a good quality concealer:

  • Full & medium coverage - Hourglass airbrush concealer, Tarte tape concealer, Estee Lauder double wear concealer

  • Light coverage - Glossier stretch concealer

Eyes - opt for warm colours that lift the complexion.

  • Eyeshadows - Rose golds, apricots, sandy golds anything that plays off warm will lift hooded eyes. Apply along the socket line extending just above to create a bigger lid - think of a sunrise - you've get the concept?

  • Eyeliner - Use soft metallic pencils, liquids and gels

  • Charcoal greys, chocolate and rust browns all around the eyes. If you want to use black, use closely along the top last line/water line - this really lifts the eye.

Eyelashes - opt for cluster lashes or individual ones in the corners to lift and open the eye. Strip lashes are difficult and heavy to apply to eyelids over 40.

Blush - opt for softer/warm hues of pink and peach - nothing too harsh and nothing to dull to lift sallow skins. Use cream formulas (Fenty, Ilia, Beauty Pie) or very finely milled powders (Hourglass). When using a highlighter, apply in a C shape around the apples, this will give the illusion of putting the collagen back in your cheeks.

Lips - warm colours like peach nudes, rosey browns, lilac nudes and rose pinks.

Use a good lip liner to stop any bleeding into fine lines around the mouth and to outline thinning lips. Doing a "cheat line" just above the lips can work work. Avoid matt lipsticks which can pinch the lips in further and enhance lines. Opt for moisturising formulas such as Charlotte Tilbury KISSING lipsticks, MAC cream sheen or amplified for a fuller, soft lip. Some Lip glosses add a plumping effect like Kiko Hydra 3D (makeup artists love these) or Fenty Beauty which can be worn in the evening over the top of your lipstick to add more definition..

Set your makeup.... use a finely milled powder like Laura Mercier or Charlotte Tilbury just in the areas you need and a good setting spray: MAC, Caudalie, Charlotte Tilbury or Urban Decay.

Victoria x

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