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Makeup problems with your teens?

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Is your teen having their makeup confiscated and/or being sent home from school for wearing too much makeup?

  • Most of the time teenagers are just trying to conceal areas of the skin they are not happy with like blemishes.

  • They end up applying a full face of makeup (normally liquid) which oxidises on the skin, turning orange, which is then noticeable and will get your teen into trouble for wearing too much makeup at school.

  • Sometimes the whole makeup bag will be confiscated, causing further embarrassment, upset and lack of confidence which can make going to school stressful.

I hear so many stories from teens and their parents regarding school and makeup! Not all them are tying to emulate their favourite influencer or looks on Tin Tok, they just want their skin to look clear and balanced! The pressure on teens now is immense...

If this sounds like you and your teenager - I'd love to hear from you! I will show them ways to cover blemishes, in particular in a super subtle way which will not aggravate the problem further - in fact some of the products I use will help with blemishes. Most schools allow "natural makeup" so let's teach them how to apply correctly. Once I feel the skin is concealed naturally, I will show them a fun, age appropriate look for weekends - makeup should be fun also!

I offer 1-1 lessons for teenagers, bring a friend or you can book a workshop for 3 - 6 (max) people. You can also buy vouchers for Christmas and birthdays.

Victoria x

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