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Online makeup lessons via Zoom (refresh your makeup)

1-1 lessons and workshops teaching women how to refresh their makeup skills is a huge part of my business now.

Since face to face contact is still not possible due to COVID-19, I have started conducting my lessons online. I am able to offer the following:

Refresh your makeup bag (1-1) - 45 mins - £30 (very popular)

This is a great place to start if you are thinking about updating your makeup look - think of it as a Spring clean/personal shop for your makeup bag! You may have been using the same products for years or you may have been gifted items and are not sure what to do with them.

I will ask you to show me what is in your makeup bag, offer advice on what to keep, what to ditch, also application techniques to utilise what you have. I will also give you product recommendations suited to you. On that note, I will be mindful to your budget, lifestyle, age and skin type.

At the end of the session, I will follow up with an email, listing any new product recommendations I  have given you.

Refresh your everyday makeup (1-1) - 90mins - £50

This lesson will start with a chat about your skincare routine. I will go though your makeup bag (as with refresh your makeup bag lesson) & then talk you through/demo an every day makeup look suited to you, your lifestyle, budget etc.

At the end of the session, I will email over a face chart with any product recommendations I have given you and the makeup look we have gone through.

Refresh your makeup skills (1-1) - 2 hours - £60

This lesson comprises of all of the elements of "refresh your everyday makeup lesson" but we take your everyday look further into a night time look or focus on an area you specifically want to learn to maximise your look. 

Teenage lesson (1-1) - 1 hour - £40 (under 18)

These make brilliant presents for teenagers. If you are worried your teen is following too many YouTube videos or styling themselves on their favourite influencer rather than doing what is best for their natural features and wrecking their skin in the process, then this is perfect.I will go over the following: skincare routine, get them to show me what is in their makeup bags, discuss skin tone for buying bases etc. I will then offer technique advice for products they already have and suggest new products and new techniques that will suit them; most schools allow natural makeup now, so lets make sure they do it properly.

At the end of the session I will email over a face chart as a keepsake with product recommendations and techniques I have shown them. Most teenagers enjoy spending birthday or Christmas money on products I have recommended to them afterwards.

Vouchers are available for all my online and face to face lessons.

Please note: I do not work for a cosmetic company so product advice I give you is completely unbiased based purely from my experience of working as a makeup artist rather than one whereby I earn commission. When recommending products to my clients, I am also mindful to budgets, lifestyle, skin types, age etc.

If you are interested any of my online lessons please contact me via my contact form on here or by email and I will run through how the process works and what information I need from you so that you get the most out of your lesson. As with my face to face lessons, I like to bespoke them to your needs. As always, if you want to call to discuss you can on 07753 675625.

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