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Dream Big Course with Love Hair


Braided up do for Brides in Surrey
Dutch braided up do - Dream Big Course with Love Hair

So last month I finally bite the bullet and went on a hair course to add to my make up skills. This was ridiculously overdue for me and is not only a massive plus to be able to offer brides both services but a necessity for commercial, fashion and portrait shoots in the week too; most studios/clients only want to hire one person to do both. Over the nine years I've been doing make up, I've worked with some amazing hair stylist and have picked up great tips along the way but it was really time to get serious and do this properly! It was a complete no - brainer who I wanted to learn from. I first knew of Jo  Irving at from mutual friend Jo Hughes from and like others in the industry have been wowed by her effortless yet uber creative work for years and after being introduced to her at a networking do,  found her to be a complete sweetheart and someone I knew would be really patient with me.

Bridal braids in Surrey
Bridal braids in Surrey - Dream Big Course with Love Hair

The course runs over four days with very small groups (ours was 3) so you are practically getting 1 -1 tuition. I can honestly say I got over and above what I thought I would from the course. I was amazed at the end of the first day how much I had learnt! Jo teaches you  some of the most pinned styles asked for from Pinterest and breaks them down so that you learn not only how to break these styles down but you can look at other styles and work out how these are done too - working in a fast moving industry this is key.

Undone Bridal hair in Surrey
Dream Big course with Love Hair

Jo has created a lovely support network  at Love Hair too. When I started out, I like most make up artists saw other people that did the same job as me competition (there are a heck of a lot of us and the best too in this part of Surrey!) I now can't believe how ridiculous I was! There is enough work to go around, especially if you are good and by sharing and supporting each other, you have back up in case of emergencies, you grow together, have a mate to call if you need it and everyones diaries fill and businesses grow and the industry beomes stronger! 

I would highly recommend anyone doing a course with Jo, apart from being mega talented she's just super chilled and lovely to hang out with  xxx

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