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How to get the best out of your bridal makeup trial

Bridal makeup trial in Surrey
From a makeup trial - Hair & Makeup by me

How to have a successful make up trial. 

Brides are normally very excited to have their trial for their wedding day make up. For a lot, it's the first time they have had their make up done professionally and  it may be the first time they have even met a make up artist. Below are my tips on getting the best out of your make up trial and in turn not wasting any money.

1. Book the right Artist for you.

Firstly recommendations from friends are great. Most friends have similar tastes (that's why they are friends!) and as a guest at a friend's wedding you get a chance  to see how the bride's make up has looked and lasted throughout the day. Even better, you may have been a bridesmaid and if you loved what that make up artist did for you and got on well with her/him (very important!) then I would say go with that person for your big day. I am now doing bridal make up for girls who were bridesmaids a year or two ago and I have to say they have been my best weddings in terms of the make up and the atmosphere on the morning as you have a bit of history. It really is a pleasure as a make up artist to revisit people. 

Do your research, obviously you need to look out that they have had some sort of training but I am a true believer that pictures tell a thousand words and if an artist has good images on their website and they are updated regularly, it means that person is working constantly and refreshing their skills and keeping up-to-date with products and trends.Testimonials are also soooo important and not just from brides but other suppliers that have worked with them. You need to  know they are going to be professional and respectful to the hairdresser, photographer etc as trust me you want your suppliers to work as a team, it  becomes a very small room when everyone is in there trying to get the bride ready and taking photographs!

Also find someone that is right for the look you are going for. If you are going for vintage, someone with a background in fashion would be very advantageous as they will have some knowledge in eras. Likewise if you want quite an editorial look, a fashion background would be great.  If you want a very fresh faced look, perhaps don't go for someone who has a background in HD make up for TV and film and so on.

2. Don't have your trial too early

I know it's exciting, but don't be tempted to have your make up trial too early. Six to eight weeks before your wedding day is the recommended time frame. Even though I make detailed notes and sketches, I like to have your face relatively fresh in my mind! Some brides are desperate to have their trials six months before the big day or even sooner. It's great to be super organised, but if you are getting married in the summer and visit me in the winter, your skin will change and in turn your ideas change. Also, your make up look should be decided after venue, dress, flowers and even hair if possible. If you are getting married on a beach, your make up needs to be waterproof, humidity proof etc. If your flowers are very bright in your bouquet, we don't want to clash with your lipstick. If you are having your hair up, your blusher should be softer than if it's down and so on.

2. Have photos of yourself wearing make up to show me!

I always ask brides to show me pictures of their everyday make up when I first met them. Although this seems like a strange request, it helps massively when you are meeting someone for the first time without a scrap of make up! My definition of not much eye make up and someone else's can be world's apart and visa versa. Seeing a picture instantly gives me an idea of what you like emphasised or played down and in turn means I can get a look right for your big day quicker and both of us come away happy.

3. Don't ditch what you wear everyday.

Brides should  keep a part of their make up that they wear everyday and incorporate this into your bridal look. If, for example, you wear black eyeliner every day don't ditch this on your big day. You will feel like there is something missing and you won't look or feel like yourself. You can build your bridal look around your essential make up items! Another reason why it is very important for me to see photos of you!

4. If you are having a spray tan, do it for your trial also! 

Not essential, but if you are tempted to be bronzed, then it is a very good idea to do this for the trial also. Foundation will be a shade darker and lipsticks and shadows can be a fraction bolder etc.

5. Don't bring too many people with you!

Most brides will want to bring their mum, sister or best friend but if you have more than four bridesmaids, I would respectfully say to book another trial for them after you have had yours. It is very hard for me to give the attention the bride deserves if there are too many people and can be quite frustrating for the bride too.

6. Be realistic!

I know I will be unpopular saying this, but be realistic! I love seeing pictures of celeb's make up that brides want to try and emulate and it can work very well, but be mindful to your colouring, skin type etc. If you have blonde hair with milky skin and blue eyes, then an exotic look for olive skinned or mix cultured beauties is just not going to work on you. There are some elements that we can pick out and taylor them for you but know what suits you and will work for you.

and lastly! ...

7. Don't be afraid to tell me what you think!

It's your trial, your money and your wedding day! Trust me, I can take criticism and if you don't like something I have done or think I have left something out, please, please tell me! I would rather take longer and get it right. 

P.S Remember to wear a white top and bring your veil!

vintage bridal makeup in Surrey
Vintage bridal makeup trial

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