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Make up lessons for women over 40 in Surrey

Updated: Jan 11

Stuck in a rut with your makeup?

Your makeup doesn't look right anymore, so you end up taking it all off ?

You look younger without make-up now and don't know why?

Want to try to some new techniques but don't know where to start ?

Don't want to waste money on expensive products you are not familiar with that might not be right for you?

Feel completely intimidated by staff at make-up counters,

so avoid like the plague? (Anyway the lighting is so bad right?)

Hate YouTube tutorials?

Your teenage daughter's makeup bag looks better than yours?

Bombarded and overwhelmed with all the new brands out there?

The above are common statements made by women particularly when we ... ahem... reach a certain age. I was thinking out loud to my friends about three years ago and realised the demand for lessons as women reach their middle years. Quite often women have been wearing the same makeup for ten even twenty plus years and know it doesn't look right anymore but just don't have the confidence/know how to change it up so have given up wearing any. The ever changing world of make-up, new brands, constant stream of youtube videos and weird trends/fads in applications: contouring, strobing, illuminating, highlighting, eyebrow and lip definition can be very confusing - you may feel like you should be doing one or all of these! I myself  must have changed my base at least 5 times over the last ten years and even as a makeup artist find it confusing and daunting so want to share my knowledge with everyday women.

As a generation that grew up without YouTube or Instagram, I wanted to create an environment non alien to women over 40s that would bring your makeup to date but in an appropriate way for your "new age". I was the first Makeup Artist in Surrey to offer over 40s workshops whereby women could get together with their friends and learn new makeup tips in a fun non intimidating way; some women prefer this to 1-1 lessons so these sessions are very popular. If you do, however, want a detailed lesson 1-1 then I will have a chat with you before we commence to see what and how you want to learn so it's still a fun experience for you.

If you are interested in these or any of my lessons, please contact me via the contact form, messaging box or call me on 07753 675 625.

Images by Jo Hughes

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