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Makeup for your profile picture/headshot

Having the right images on your website and/or social media has never been more important. The visuals you provide online create your branding. Having an image of the person behind the brand, be it large corporation or small local business, is just as important. People buy into people as they home into certain characteristics that they can relate to/find aesthetically pleasing which can seal the deal; people also love a story behind a face too and images shot in the right way will do that.

For the last couple of years I have been teaming up with photographer mate Jo Hughes from based in Reigate. I met Jo about thirteen years a whilst living in Tooting Bec with two tiny boys and a move to the "burbs" impending. A little nervous that I was moving out of the big multicultural and creative smoke, a mutual friend introduced us knowing we were in the same industry, likeminded and moving from and to the same area. Funnily enough it seemed to be a time when there was a mass migration of creative, quirky, cool and entrepreneurial women/mums from London to Surrey and as a result lots of incredibly successful small businesses were set up in the area.

Jo and I decided to collaborate to provide profile/headshots with professional makeup and basic hairstyling for businesses in the area; we are quite often contacted by mums going back to work and/or are thinking about embarking on a new venture or a new relationship. Offering both together ensures you look your best but we also have a chat about your business or other to get a feel of the vibe/image you want to get across - this relaxes you in the process. We advise on wardrobe so you get the most out of your images e.g. would you like some more informal ones for social media or certain events and so on. Both of us have worked for big companies in the past so we can offer advice on styling not just for larger corporate companies but small independent businesses too. It can be cathartic and boost your confidence if you know your headshot/profile picture is damn good!

We offer studio days whereby we allocate slots throughout the day - held at Jo's studio in Reigate. Or we will come out on location with you or to you whichever best represents your business. Headshot days are advertised reguarly on mine and Jo's websites and/or social media handles. On location shoots can be arranged on mutually convienient days separate from the studio days. Please fill in my contact form or contact jo on her contact form on

Images from Headshot days in the studio in Reigate:

On location shots for local business "Team Mama" at Nonsuch Park where some of their boot camp classes for women are held:

On location shots for local business Mini Melton

On location shots for local business The Secret Dress House:

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