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Ready for re-opening

Since lockdown I have been looking at what hygiene and safety measures I can take once we have face to face contact again with clients; I literally can't wait!

Industry hair and makeup artist have been further educating themselves in best hygiene and safety practices. Like most of my industry colleagues, I gained my Barbicide certificate online so I know I will be protecting my clients against COVID as best I can .

I have been liaising with fellow makeup artists on obtaining the best face visa for working face to face. An industry favourite is from:

I have also done a through Sping clean of my kit, throwing any old items and disinfecting makeup bags and products. I do this every few weeks anyway but have upped the strength of cleaning products I am using. Am loving the products from:

In addition to gloves & face visas....I have been trying out different disposable and washable face masks for when I get to see you again! I will have lots of disposable ones for working but I also love the sustainable ones launched by the British Fashion Council. they were £15 for three with protective cases - money raised is going to three charities. I got mine from:

My IGTV Channel.

During lockdown, I took the opportunity to film some more makeup tutorials on Instagram. All of my videos are unedited (on purpose), honest and around five minutes typically. I hope you like them.

2020 Brides - Postponed not cancelled

It's been such a difficult, disappointing time for my brides. I have been so happy that ALL my brides have postponed and not cancelled their weddings. I am also delighted that I have been able to accommodate ninety percent of new dates; those brides I could not, I have referred you to my colleagues who I know will do an outstanding job. Any new brides getting married in 2021, please don't delay, it's going to be a bumper year for weddings and celebrations.

Bridal Hair for 2020 weddings

Restrictions have been lifted on bridal hairstyling. If you want soft, romantic hairstyling for your wedding, I can help you.

Stay safe, happy & healthy! Victoria x

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